I can’t remember, specifically, when I first fantasised about watersports.

I guess I was late teens.

I know it was something I raised with my first wife but it wasn’t something which interested her or subsequent partners. Sometimes, for different reasons.

For example: I have done some play with Valleycat, but, they have a nervous bladder so most things are not going to work.

2013, aged 32, I joined my local kink community. Started attending munches and events. I did, very quickly get into situations where I was doing a lot of play with folk and had made a lot of friends.

Despite this, even 2 years later I found it difficult asking about specific things, including piss play, when not knowing if folk were into it or not.

2016. It’s a funny old world.
Now 34 so this must’ve been something I fantasised about around half my life.

There was a lot with kink that myself and Valleycat had been experimenting with. Having seen an advert for Hoxton Dungeon Suite, we had an idea of booking it on an overnight to have private time together.

We then felt we wouldn’t really need the entirity of the time and so an idea brewed to book a Pro-Domme as part of the time. Something I’d never done before.

Now, kinda. This had multiple aims. Because having someone’s undivided attention for 2 and half hours on a Sunday evening is different to play in a club when someone else wants to use the equipment.

And the aim of this was to also try a couple of ideas I might not have thought about, while trying watersports was a big part of this.

The lady in question was fairly private and, I believe, has left the industry. Certainly her website is gone. So, to respect that privacy I will not name them.

When it came to the watersports element of the session she had gone from “it’s ok to spit it out” to, “actually, I’m not going to piss in your mouth, just on your body”

Which, I dunno how much was a hook to get my to book again and how much was because I was a little nervous about this.
I had fantasised about this almost half my life. And, to be honest, a benefit of this booking is if I tried it, and hated it, I not only never had to do it again but I’d never probably see her again.

I nervously climbed into the bath. It was cold. She climbed above me and. Boom. There it was.
A warm streak of piss on my chest, she aimed some on my cock and just felt like some act of disrespect as she pissed all over me.

The euphoria in my head was off the scale.

When we talked about it afterwards she felt the experience had three factors to it. The cold enamel of the bath, and the warm piss, creates such a rush of sensation – and the whole thing is just taboo. Like “normal people don’t piss on each other” and so an element of dirt and shame.

But fuck. It was great.

This had been meant to be a one-off.
I mean, the entire of 2016 took a completely different path to expected.

But, I did see her again 3 months later.
In this case we intended to repeat the watersports but she this time said that I would drink only when I was ready, and if I felt my head going towards the stream I was ready.

Now. Also important for this session was that she’d set me a task of creating a playlist of music. She was mostly into 80s rock and was a big fan of Queen.
So, I made a playlist which had a fair few Queen tracks on.

And. Man. Timing…
I had joked in email that imagine the play feels long and winds down (this was a 3 hour session this time!) and everyone needs a boost of energy and then suddenly, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ comes on.

Things couldn’t have timed better if I tried! We literally stepped in the bathroom and had again started discussing it, when the track came on.
She smiled, “you know what this means?”, “Yes Mistress”, “Climb in…”

And yep. Like before, the cold bath and then the stream comes down, she sees me move my head forward and directs the stream to my mouth.


So that, at time of writing, was 7 years ago.
Since then, well. It is certainly one of my loves especially with someone who is also into it. And, honestly, woah.

For assorted reasons it’s not something I do get to indulge as often as I like. Part of this is that, well…
Since getting into filming for assorted reasons I don’t do private sessions that often. In fact, I have done just one since I stopped serving Miss Suzanna (and that one did end very wet) and during filming how much clip sites permit has fluctuated.

That, and, piss clips are often short – but require set up and clean up.

This said, there have been some very good experiences over the past 7 years both in film and private play.
Some of which shouldn’t be included in a public blog 😉

But I think to summarise some which can…
Cate McQueen surprising me with a gift of her pissy underwear.
Lady Valeska cleaning up a very messy play with her piss.
Mistress Kennya pissing in a dog bowl and giving me a tiny plastic spoon to drink it all.
Goddess Kitty having me gargle with her piss
and…. the first piss play post lockdown… when Miss Jessica Hyde left me on the floor absolutely euphoric and drenched.