Not to say I’ve been slow in updating my blog recently. But, I’ve been slow at updating my blog recently.

In 2023 so far there have been 5 published blogs, this makes number 6, so around one a month. A far cry from when I was doing circa 40 a year.

So what changed, and what has been happening?

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Echo Evangelista is one of the wonderful people I met this year

In truth I do have a whole bunch of drafted or half-written blogs that feel I need to give a little look over to see if I’m happy to publish, with or without a little polish.

But, who knows – my next ‘proper’ blog might be a off-the-cuff post, like this one is.

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. A mixture of different types of busy. Lots of filming and shoots. Live music. A house move (still in progress… ugh, so much to do…) and of course a day job.

That’s aside that some of my free time is spent helping others with clips or admin, and that I need a little time for recreation.
Hopefully time will free up a little bit.

Perhaps the biggest shame is that a lot of the diary-style posts have been sacrificed a little with this. There’s been so much fun, so, to compress stuff…

Trips back and forth to London have often tied in filming around gigs or events. So, I’ve been to a fair few gigs in the capital, and of course the SNAP Awards, and getting in some shoots around those.

This has meant some days with old friends; such as Cate McQueen and Lady Valeska, but also meeting some new people.
There was a harsh but spicy day with Goth Delilah, some educational scenes with Divine Theratrix and, most recently, the absolute delight that is Echo Evangelista.

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I’ve also been watching Black Mirror

I’ve also managed a few shoots locally with some local people getting into filming, notably Rachie Baby and Master Xena.

The big news, of course, is the house move. Once everything is how we’d like it, there will be a small playroom and potential for filming in other areas. This massively opens up filming possibilities – as well, of course, at private play.

The new house does need a lot of work and a lot of that has been ongoing the last few weeks. So much amazing, but expensive, progress!

As such, I have started putting together the beginnings of a household wishlist, which I’ll slowly add to. Like a lot of things, I don’t expect anything, I don’t do things like the blogs for material gain. I do them as means to be helpful, knowledge share and explore.
But, y’know. Link is here.

What’s next?
Well – right this second I’m on my way to London, catch up with some friends, go to a gig – and do some filming.

The cycle continues 🙂