Mistress’s words were the only thing her sub heard, as he was under hypnosis. Her voice was soft and clear, like a whisper echoing in the dungeon. The only other sound came from the atmospheric electronic music that played in the background.

Her hot breath touched his ear, sending shivers down his spine as she spoke.

“I have a series of questions for you, it’s important you answer each one honestly”

The sub lay there, obedient but nervous.  Despite the mild hypnosis he was still very aware of his surroundings and was nervous as to what she had in store for him.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied.

The question that followed seemed genuinely curious, despite the seductively playful nature, “If I was to stimulate your cock to the point of orgasm – which of these would be your favourite way for me to do it… with my mouth, with my hand, with my pussy, with my vibrator?”

“With your mouth, Mistress,” under most circumstances, he may have struggled with this, but the mild hypnosis gives cause for a definite answer, with authority.

“Oh, blow job fan,” she joked, “Of course… and… your least favourite”

“The vibrator, Mistress,” again a reply with definite conviction. She could be confident that the replies were coming through honestly.

“And do you prefer a condom or no condom?,” she continued.
“No condom, Mistress”
“And… at the point where you orgasm,” she paused, and again made sure she was close to whisper the teasing words straight into his brain, “Which would be the best for you – a full orgasm, a ruined orgasm, or no orgasm”
“Full Orgasm, Mistress,” there was almost hope in that reply!
“and the least favourite?”
This did come as a surprise, so the Mistress did have an echo of surprise when she asked, “You’d rather be denied than ruined?”
“Yes, Mistress – at least denied I can cum later,” a simple clarification which had an almost penny-drop moment for Mistress.
“Ah, I love the honesty”
“Thank you Mistress”
“And so when you cum…” she hesitated, “should you cum… I guess given the choice you wouldn’t want to eat it?” a loaded question, for sure!
“No Mistress, I hate the taste”

With the questions asked, Mistress wanted to clarify the replies,  “So that we’re clear, the best thing I could do to you right now is to give you a blow job, without condom, to completion?”
“Yes Mistress,” came the reassuring reply.
“And the worst would be to put a condom on you, use my vibrator on your cock, ruin your orgasm and then feed you the cum?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Good..,” there was glee in her voice as she exclaimed, “let the game begin”

She snapped the sub out of the mild hypnosis – he was strapped to the bed in her dungeon.

Immobilised, there was no way to wriggle free, not that he was trying.  The purpose was to remind him he was helpless, that only Mistress could reach his cock and that he couldn’t actually see what was happening behind him.

There was a prize wheel behind him, out of view so the rules were explained to him.
“I’m going to spin the wheel 4 times, once for each of the questions I asked you.  If it lands on odd, you get the worst option, if it lands on even you get the better option.  However… I won’t tell you what it lands on, you’ll just have to wait until after the 4th spin.  Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress”
“Good, then we’ll make the first spin to find out how you will be stimulated…”

She made each of the four spins, smiling and chuckling as she wrote down each result.

It was one of those wheels where there is a little pointer which vibrates as it clicks through dividing spikes.

Each spin had the click it makes which slows down until it rests.

Each rest, coming with the mischievous laugh from Mistress.

“OK, little subby… I know your results… and… I want to give you a last fun chance”
“OK Mistress”
“So, either I go through with the orgasm exactly how the wheel dictated. Which you don’t know. Or you can gamble.  If you gamble and win, then we act like everything is on even and you get the orgasm of your dreams.   If you gamble and lose, then we act like everything is on odd and you get the orgasm of your nightmare”
“Umm, I don’t know Mistress”
“I mean, if you do gamble – then if you win you get the best orgasm ever… and if you lose, it will make me laugh and be happy – whereas who knows what you get if you don’t”
“What is the gamble game?”
“Normally I’d say it was a surprise, but simply… did the wheel land on even more, or odd more – you make your guess and if it’s right you win – or you can elect not to gamble and get each step as a surprise”

There was a moment where the sub paused in thought. Working out some basic maths.
That if the truth was most were odd, then by saying even then being wrong wouldn’t be much worse.
If the truth was that it was even, then saying even would be so much better.

There was, however, one thing he didn’t consider when he guessed, “Even, Miss”

“Is that what you think?”
He gulped as she then grabbed a condom to tear open.
“Don’t panic,” she said, “I might be just scaring you”
But as she slipped the condom over his cock, he knew she was not.

Still, it was easy. The whole set up already had him erect an eager, the tremble of fear of what was coming seemed to only heighten the erection.

She then picked up the vibrator.
Before she turned it on, “you know, if you hadn’t gambled it’d be my lips around your naked cock” he winced as the motor was turned on and the vibrator placed against his cock.
She moved forward so he could hear her over the motor as the rumble of the vibrator throbbed against his cock.
“The first two landed on even,” she said, “I was smiling and laughing wondering if you were going to get the jackpot.”
She paused her talking as he groaned, her words adding to his arousal.
“Imagine my lips smacking up and down your shaft…”
It was getting very much very quickly.
“And, you know.  It then landed on odd.  And I laughed wondering – I’ve never ruined an orgasm with their cock in my mouth before, it’s usually too exciting… so you might have won by default there”
His eyes rolled in his head as he screamed so close.
“I can, however ruin orgasms with my vibrator really easy…”
She let go… and, yep, yuck, this trickle of cum filled the condom.

All hope dropped from his face as he knew what was happening next.

She slipped off the condom.
“And, of course, I’d swallow some, or spill some… whereas…” and she said the next few words as she emptied the condom into his mouth, “the condom doesn’t spill a drop”

He gave a yuck motion as he swallowed the cum. It was thick and had a sour taste. She wasn’t done. She turned the condom inside out and had him lick it clean.

This was disgusting, he wretched several times as he slurped the mess.

“The cum, the sweat from your cock… all could have been avoided.
I knew you’d gamble and I knew what you’d say. You’d feel smart, but forget in your slave brain that NOT only was a draw possible. That it was the most likely outcome. A 6 in 16 chance of draw winning, compared to 5 in 16 for even, or 5 in 16 for odd.

I mean, think about it.  The give away that I was letting you gamble, was because I knew I would win”

And she had won. Mistress always wins.