I want you to imagine these scenarios

In these conversations Person A is someone making enquiries, and Person B is a Producer of a non-specific TV serial.

The Convo

A: I’ve always wanted to try TV acting, do you have any roles?
B: Errr no.
A: Well, if you do – it’s difficult for me to get to your studio, so can you do location shoots in my city?
B: Well we don’t intend to film in your city
A: OK, well, if you do – let me know.
B: I think if we did we’d use known local actors, or put out an ad via local castings.
A: But, as we’ve now spoke – I’m hoping to be thought of first. Like, pre-empting.
B: We don’t tend to do location shoots, you are familiar with our show, right?
A: I saw some pictures and trailers and read about it. Looks interesting.
B: But you’ve never actually watched it?
A: Well, I don’t have Netflix and I’m poor and box sets cost money and whatever.
B: OK. OK. OK.  I think I know where we’re going with this.  But, humour me.  You say you wanted to try TV acting, does this mean you’ve never done it before?
A: It would be my first time.
B: OK. What about other roles – theatre, plays?
A: Nope
B: Have you ever been to any form of drama school? Do you have every measurable experience?
A: I’m a hardworker, reliable, up for anything…
B: The question..?
A: Err. No.
B: So. Wait.  You have applied to be a part in a TV show which doesn’t have any roles need filling, that you can’t attend our location so want us to come to you, you’ve never seen our show, you’ve never supported our show, and you don’t even have relatable experience – am I hearing you right?
A: But everyone starts somewhere
B: ……..
A: Oh, and, just in case… can I wear a mask?

And this scenario.  It just sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  I mean, in reality this convo would have ended much sooner.

Anyway. Welcome to 95% of the guys who apply to be film subs.

Although, I imagine many Ladies would have similar inboxes anyway from guys applying to be their slaves when they weren’t even looking for one.

To the Point

Guys. Being a film sub is not a shortcut to kink.

If I, as a producer, want a heavy whipping scene I need evidence you are experienced in heavy whipping.
For a monstercock scene, I want evidence you can take a monstercock.

If you’ve had forced bi fantasies and I want a first time bi scene – I need to know everyone present is fully happy with what is going on and I am taking a risk here that this goes badly and we end up with an unusable scene.  So, if I’m taking this risk as a producer I need to make sure everyone involved is otherwise reliable.

If we’re ‘on the clock’ I need guys who are useful between scenes and silent when scenes that are not theirs being filmed – I need people who respect social time in down time but do not push for it because the content on the camera is what makes the money not you fawning over the Mistress.
I need people I can trust.

And sometimes this will be people who’ve never filmed before. But if they’re brought to me by a Mistress that is one thing (i.e. “Can I bring my sub to do some scenes?”) and if they clearly know the craic it’s another (i.e. active in local scene, have experience with Pro-Dommes*, actually pay for Porn) but if it’s just people after free/cheap scenes it’s not going to work – it’s going to be counterproductive.

Stop trying to use filming as a shortcut.

(*I don’t feel Pro>non-Pro or anything like that – but chances are the people you are filming with are Pro-Dommes and that there’s a world of difference between casual play in private and filmed scenes)

Film days are actually pretty expensive – and no – there’s no certainty they will make money back from sales – or, all that much money.
For me, if my studio loses money than at least I got whatever experience as part of it and it’s all learning – but neither I or any other producer is gonna burn cash because someone fancies “giving it a try”

Cos, hey, I’ve seen more than one sub find it wasn’t for them and have to leave and the problems this brings.

If you are interested in learning how to get into filming – this is a very old and very popular blog of mine I often recommend as a starting point.