NOTE : this is an old blog – the voting links are no longer relevant and have been removed.


So.  April sees the first UK Fetish Awards and I’m pleased to say I’m nominated for 2 different awards.

– Best Fetish Blog –
– Best Fetish Producer –

Now – clicky the links and you can vote for me (and you can vote once per day) but I’m gonna talk a little bit more here.

The Fetish Awards will be the 4th awards I’ve been to.  And, I have always been a little disappointed there’s not been a dedicated fetish awards – and, here we are.

Best Fetish Blog


9dMJjSV5 300x151 - UK Fetish Awards / I'm up for two awards

This isn’t the first time my blog has been nominated, but it felt like a snowball in Hell in the 2018 UKAP Awards.  It was in ‘Best Website’ so was sitting alongside things like AdultWork and Nerd Pervert.
(Keeping good company – but obviously the warbling of my blog is strange bedfellows…  mind, if I recall Nerd Pervert won, so at least it was North-East representation.)

So, to be in a best fetish blog category… win or lose it’ll at least be in similar company.
I will feel less lost.

Similarly; it does feel like being nominated is already a big win.  My blog is something that did take a life of it’s own.  I really like so many people enjoy it, or have found it helpful to them in one way or another.  I don’t expect it; but any vote or promotion etc. from it means a lot to me.

Voting Link

Best Fetish Producer

But, best Fetish Producer, I mean.

H0i47ucO 300x151 - UK Fetish Awards / I'm up for two awards

I’m not going to talk down the site. I am really, really happy with the content I’ve got.  I’m happy with the people I’ve worked with and have been so humbled by the support people have given me with this.
My store isn’t even a year old.  By the the time the awards comes around I think all bar 2 of the clips would be under 12 months old.  My store would only be 10 months old.

And, I look at some of the others I’m up against and regardless of their background or beginnings I have not the budget, the network nor some of the geographical advantages some of the other stores have.  It’s also not my full-time job so it’s juggling everything there to make things work.

Yet here I am.

So, I dunno.  I’m kinda just happy to be there – and would appreciate any promotion and publicity I get off the back of this cos it does feel like I’m swimming upstream sometimes.

Perhaps this is a reminder of just how pleased I am with what I’ve made.

Voting Link

Not the first rodeo.

I am attending the events.  As I say, it’s not my first rodeo and I’ve had some experiences where I kinda know what to expect.

So, I’m hoping for an enjoyable evening.  I don’t expect to win, but wouldn’t it be lovely. And if it does lead to network opportunities then, hey, let’s keep building.

Incidentally, I’m staying in London for a couple of days extra afterwards so if anyone does want to film….

In other categories I’m pleased to see some other local faces.

Mxtress Valleycat is in both Best Dominatrix and Best Model
While Princess Dahlia and Abigail Williams each are included in Best Newcomer.

But, there’s a lot of cool people in a lot of categories – many of which I’m pleased to see there also.  I’m going to be honest; too many to start namechecking and listing – but, they have my vote.