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Diary : Fetish Awards 2023

It’s been a bit of a while since I did a diary style post and despite regularly attending award events, I’ve never really blogged about them. I have just attended the UK Fetish Awards.

So, here is a two for one.

The very first awards I went to was the UKAP Awards back in 2018, before UKAP became SNAP.

I didn’t know how things would go but it was when I was blogging *a lot* and someone suggested putting it forward to some of the awards people. So I did, and got shortlisted.

And while I didn’t win, or make the final board, it was a fun night out.

UK Fetish Awards / I’m up for two awards

NOTE : this is an old blog – the voting links are no longer relevant and have been removed.

So.  April sees the first UK Fetish Awards and I’m pleased to say I’m nominated for 2 different awards.

– Best Fetish Blog –
– Best Fetish Producer –

Now – clicky the links and you can vote for me (and you can vote once per day) but I’m gonna talk a little bit more here.

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