I’d been very excited about the prospect of spending time again with Ms Evilyne, O/our previous encounters had been excellent experiences and so I was excited (and, of course, nervous) to see what was in store for me this time.

Today is a day when She yet again proves why She is one of the UKs leading Dominatrixes.

mistressevilyne 9 12 web medium 300x200 - Diary : A Pissy Pickle (with Ms Evilyne)Not that I needed proof, you understand. But to be part of the magic first hand….

What W/we do today – it was they type of thing I very much wanted to do, but it wouldn’t work if I’d requested it, but also there’s the whole problem of Mistresses not being mindreaders.
I think also, even if Mistresses *were* mindreaders, there’s the problem that it plays out how you imagined – and really, it only works if the Mistress is one step ahead of you.

I appreciate I’m being wordy. But, what I’m saying is that the idea She thought up was what I wanted, without me knowing I wanted it.
Now that is a special type of clever.

Granted, this is a testament to Her experience, skill and knowledge.

Generally speaking, a like to keep many details of a private session, well private. I see it as a special time between two people. So, if I ever write about sessions, I prefer to leave more to the imagination. Film days are different because I want to talk about what was done because I want you to buy the clips 😉

There was a little clip went up on Twitter. I’m going to talk mostly around what you can see on that. (check it here)

My legs are hoist in the air, suspended to a chain across the ceiling. I am blindfolded. There is an electric butt-plug inserted which is often adjusted remotely.
We move through different forms of sensation play, some nice, some nasty.

Things are built up like a crescendo. At no point do I know what is coming next (although, footsteps too the freezer… I had a good guess…). So things get added, electrics to the cock, nipple clamps, a gas mask, a pipe added to a container of piss… It’s like a full orchestra, there’s throbs to the cock, pain on the nipples, breathing difficulties (consider I didn’t know what the container was, I thought it was more of a re-breather so I thought I had finite amount of air…) – there’s two hours of pain and pleasure… and it’s just…. it’s just beautiful.
And so much was just better than I guessed. “Ooh, Butt-Plug… oh… it’s electric”. Electric butt-plugs are a lot of fun.
“Oh, gas masks… oh, wait, is She… oh… She is, She’s filling a container with piss… Yes!”

When I apply for a session (which hasn’t been that often recently) or apply to filming, I tend to just pass over my interest list and allow ideas to be plucked from there.
Sometimes, when appropriate, I’ll make requests or submit ideas. Sometimes these are granted, sometimes they are not (for assorted reasons) but this experience is one you just can’t ask for.
And that’s what makes it so special.

I mean, you can – you can read this blog and see the clip and say to Ms Evilyne “I’d like to do something similar to what you did with Black Sheep” and it won’t be a copy-paste version – but I went into the room having absolutely zero idea what would be happening.
But, when you think about it… She picked from many key things on my interest list and blended them into a luscious cocktail.

And that, that is why I left in awe after such an exciting afternoon.

mistressevilyne 9 156 web medium 300x200 - Diary : A Pissy Pickle (with Ms Evilyne)As a side note.

I had been under stress in my personal life and was a little bit worried about the session. But today was just the perfect tonic for what I needed. I am so so grateful for the thought and consideration put in.

On the other hand, I’m sure She also had a lot of fun – taunting and teasing and toying with me knowing I was blissfully unaware what was going on. It’s an afternoon I will hold very dear to me.

Whilst I don’t know what happens next, or when, I look forward to finding out.

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