I know there’s a running joke about the “Hey, we should do something someday” and the amount of time it takes to, well, do something.   But, I think meeting Miss Jessica Hyde was certainly on the excessive front time wise – at 18 months.

To be fair to both of us, there was a pandemic.  But the day we both met was glorious, but also a little nerve wracking.

Miss Hyde 5 LowRes 200x300 - Diary : Finding Miss HydeSee.
Our first stop was a private session.  Something I’d not done in 3 years.
You know, there’s bits here I don’t actually want to talk about – but trying to work out when I was ready. Who the right person would be. Whether I was overthinking this.

Whether this was indirectly putting pressure on myself, or others.

This wasn’t something on a whim either. We’d been in semi-regular contact throughout a lot of the lockdowns and… yeah, I always found her easy to talk to and remember the first thing we actually discussed was Hazelnut Latte’s (which, ironically, I’ve not bought in since) and each of these conversations told me I was right.


But also.  When I consider how excited she was to see me, as she pinched my face and exclaimed, “You’re here, you’re real!” there were both mixtures of joy (Yay! She’s excited to see me!) and terror (Fuck. I hope she enjoys our time here.)

But Honestly.
It was glorious.  There was an energy. An itch. So much to want to do and only limited time.

Perhaps summed up by the smiles at the end as I picked fishnets out my teeth and tried not to cover her in piss in a pre-shower hug.

Oh. It was glorious.

I did have some other plans in the evening, but before we departed, The Siren popped in, enough time for a couple of quick clips as Miss Jessica showed her how to use the e-stim and also gave a demo of some flogger techniques.

The former feeding into an idea for our film day the next day.

THE FILM DAYMiss Hyde 9 LowRes 200x300 - Diary : Finding Miss Hyde

Filming, we ended up having a little format – that one sub was going to arrive (S) and do a few scenes until another (B) arrived. They would do a couple together (including a hilarious predicament scene) before S would leave and B would do some solo scenes, then a food break, then it would be me.

And so most of the scenes didn’t involve me, but there were a lot of fun. Some sounding, some ballbusting, pet play – the aforementioned predicament scene (the louder one screamed, the more the other got shocked – brilliant) and there was a point that… ooh.
S and B both had a foot each as they did a foot worship scene – and I am behind the camera smiling.

Like. I’m smiling for a few reasons and one of which was that… I didn’t feel jealous.
Maybe, maybe… because we’d done some foot play the day before and maybe also because I knew it was going to be my turn in a bit.
But it was just such a moment. The smile on Miss Jessica’s face. Oh, the smile.  Both subs also had foot fetishes so they were in their element – and – like, here I am just… oh.



A Lesson in Resilence Predicament Pain Game 35 300x169 - Diary : Finding Miss Hyde

It was such a good feeling.

Time does run away a little bit which makes finding food a bit more of a challenge.  But after some glorious pasta and a divine Tiramisu, we return for some late night clips.

For a couple of reasons we only end up doing 2.  And, of course, I would have loved to do more but I was also tired, it was late and there was also this feeling, like.  This wouldn’t be the last chance we had.

But still.  Of these clips.

I mean, the first is just.  Well. It had been based on a couple of ideas from the private play, but it involved Miss Jessica sitting on my face, while cranking up the e-stim to make me scream, which, of course, gives her a little pleasure.

A real life ‘Human Vibrator’.  Brilliant.

The second of which was a bit of a big finish.  It ends with me on the floor, in the dark, tied up, and covered in cum.


It was a very special couple of days – and with planning already started for the future, I think we’ll have many more beautiful adventures together.


My Human Vibrator 16 300x169 - Diary : Finding Miss Hyde

The Human Vibrator Clip

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