After a busy May, June needed to be a little quieter. But, things for July seemed to slot neatly.

This blog covers the weekend of 4th-6th July – some further antics will be in future blogs.

I’ve already written a blog about a visit to Club DVS, although the plan for the weekend was to go down and do a little filming and go to the club, it turned into a little more.


publicboot4 300x169 - A weekend in July : 3 film days and some clubbing

Filming With Foxtress

Friday night we, myself and Mx Valleycat, went for some drinks with Goddess Cleo, Foxtress and Missy.It was a wonderful opportunity for some social time. I’d only briefly met Goddess Cleo in the past, but spoke a lot online, and of course I’d filmed wth Foxtress back in May.

Saturday afternoon, we met up with Foxtress again for a little filming.  A decision was made to do some things in public; helped of course with some nearby secluded spots.

This meant that I could do a boot worship clip with Mx Valleycat as she really wanted to do one with me with her new clear boots – and having someone on camera always gets better results than just a tripod.

This also meant I could do the ashtray clip with Foxtress we’d not been able to do on our last film day; and both also had some fun with some trampling.

A Split Sunday

wrestling9 300x169 - A weekend in July : 3 film days and some clubbing

On the train on the way down I spotted Madame Caramel was looking for film slaves for Black Mistresses for the Sunday.
I’ve wanted to film with them for quite a while and it’s so lovely to have a stroke of luck of already being in London!

So of course I applied and got a lovely acceptance email back.

I also got a message from Nina Hiss asking if I wanted to come do some stuff with her at the Wrestling Studio – and things couldn’t have worked out better.

spitroast001 300x169 - A weekend in July : 3 film days and some clubbing

Black Mistresses

So, Mx Valleycat met up with Nina and the two went to the studio to do some clips together. I went to Hoxton to film for Black Mistresses.

I wasn’t entirely sure which ladies I would be filming with but I was so thrilled to turn the corner and see Madam Cruella knocking on the door.

We’ve filmed together before, with Miss Courtney,(no blog available for that day!) and met socially – so it’s a head start to have someone I already know, like and get on with.

Mistress Sarah is also filming – there were also some wonderful film subs I met that day.

There’s a little confusion at first, but some of this time is put to use catching up. There becomes time for me to do 2 scenes before the ladies, and later myself, have to leave.

The first scene is a boot worship scene, which is always a good/safe bet to  20190707 182952 225x300 - A weekend in July : 3 film days and some clubbing start with. And, oh, how my eyes lit up when the concept of a spitroast came up.

It is a pretty fun clip also – although, Madam Cruella making me laugh while I’m sucking Miss Sarah’s strap-on….


After I’m finished – I go to meet Mx Valleycat and Nina – they’ve been having fun doing some arm wrestling, more wrestling and some balloon competitions… and there’s just enough time for me to do a wrestling clip with Nina.
This is my first time doing Wrestling and it was a lot of fun… ooh, could this be something new to get into… who knows?


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Public Worship in See Through BootsOutdoor Double Foot Worship
Boot & Foot Worship
Spit Roasted Double Domme
Nina Hiss v Mxtress Valleycat Armwrestling
Balloon Popping Contest
Mx Valleycat v Nina Hiss – Wrestling
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