There’s a lot of clubs that I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited. I can’t think of any active events that I’d not recommend; but certainly some that I find easier to universally recommend.

I like what Club DVS are doing. They have a munch, a workshop and a club night that do work as a little bit of a trinity.

So, you can in theory go to the munch and meet people you are likely to see at the club; you can also boost your knowledge at the workshops.

IMG 20180222 WA0013 300x225 - A visit to Club DVSI have spoken out in the past against those who set up events to try to take over an area – however, everything has a purpose and is intertwined; so I can appreciate that.
Stuff I’ve spoken out about is when there’s multiple munches which are all just recruitment drivers for one club or another – and this isn’t like this at all.
The list of other recommended events, which largely have nothing to do with them, is testament to that.

DVS isn’t exclusive to, but ideal for, newcomers.

There are workshop/talks tonight on negotiating scenes and also aftercare.

I don’t want to go too far out with my own opinions, but there’s a lot with negotiations that is important when either you are new or playing with someone who is new.

Although, I do have a blog coming soon about how “Best practice…” isn’t always as practical as it says on the tin – but, certainly there are always lines.

I do sometimes also think that stuff like this can serve as a good reminder – as good and as confident you may be, it’s easy to make mistakes/assumptions with someone new who is possibly struggling to communicate what they want or don’t want.

The aftercare workshop also raised some good points. I did have an “It’s not JUST me” moment when a point raised that many people need aftercare within the next few days or following week.

But, all told – there were plenty of people enthralled and knowledge share is good – and attending talks like this as part of a night you’ll be at anyway is enriching.

Even if you think you know it, having an extra opinion is always good every now and then. And even if you don’t agree, you appreciate other views.IMG 20180222 WA0012 200x300 - A visit to Club DVS
Not that I didn’t agree with any points.

DVS has a well organised team and it’s always clear who is there on hand with any problems. Staff are visible but not too intrusive, that’s good – it helps create a relaxed environment.

There’s plenty of play going on as well, the play room seemingly constantly busy. I wasn’t quite in the mood to play on this occasion, but, I had had an otherwise busy weekend.

As a note; this was billed as the last DVS – I know the munch and the workshops are continuing. I understand this is just a time thing – but, obviously I would be favourable towards a similar-style event done by the team.

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