From the archives… based on something from January 2016. Originally published on Fetlife. I do have a footnote….
Here goes…

I lay sprawled across the spanking bench, exhausted.

I raised my head slightly, slowly opening my eyes. In front of me, I could see the St Andrew’s cross I’d been strapped to earlier. How much earlier, I don’t know. A lot had happened since then.

When I was first strapped there I thought it’d be easy. Well, not easy. But, you know. Easier than it actually was.

Had it been an hour? Or hours? Definitely felt like more than a hour, but time as a concept had gone.

My body had been through a lot. Play and experiences I’d never had before, feeling sensations I’d never felt before – many I’d never imagined possible.

I was consciously aware of Mistress and my surroundings as I started to come round.

This must be it, it’s been fun. But now it must end.

She told me to relax my arms, I of course obliged. Mistress knows best.

She pulled my arm to one side and started to strap it to the bench. She repeated the same with my the other arm.

As she slipped the makeshift blindfold back on, she said the magic words… “I’m not done with you yet”


When I published this originally, about 3 people who read it said those, I didn’t mean I wanted it as a buzz phrase 😉 I liked that it was natural and liked how it made me feel, so weak and melting – there are other people who’ve said things at other time which has had a similar melt.  I like what you want to say, not what I want to hear 😉