It’s been a while since I did a diary post (or blog in general, sorry!) but this is one with so much adventure it feels like it shouldn’t be left out.

There is a lot of back story, so this might take some pulling together.

In 2019 there was an event called Messtival organised by Penny Banks.
Messtival was a film festival, and awards event, for splosh films.

1V9A4639 200x300 - Diary : Messtival and Filming with Roxy-Fox and AraneaeInitially I hadn’t been going to go to that one (partially through budget) but I ended up making a late decision to attend after other plans collapsed and ended up having a lot of fun seeing old friends, meeting new ones and reminding me what I loved about splosh.


While I always hoped to see it back, seeing one announced for 2022 with very short notice was not what I expected!

Again, I wasn’t going to go due to short notice but having being nominated in a category, coupled with noticing a rather cheap early morning train that would get me there on time… the plan was set.

Initially torn between doing a same-day return or not, I decide (coupled with a good travelodge deal) to stop over, book myself into Dean St on the Monday morning and try to organise some filming.


There are quite a few London people who I said I would prioritise and wanted to prioritise. Reaching out or checking details every single one was either out the country, out the area, doing something else. While there were a couple of people left to realistically ask it had started to feel a little disheartening. I hadn’t wanted to make anyone feel like they were “10th choice” or something.  Even if this was a thought that might only exist in my head.

However, on a previous trip to London I had just missed Araneae.  We had filmed together in 2017 (really?! that long ago?!) but never managed to arrange a follow up.  We saw each other a couple of times, briefly, in 2019 but an optimistic “We should film again sometime”

Anyway, having just missed her previously I dropped a line.  Not expecting filming or anything, just, like a cuppa and catch up would have been awesome also.

Later that day, completely out of the blue, I got a message from Roxy-Fox.  They had returned after a little twitter break, saw about Messtival and we started talking about it.
We then decide to travel down together for a couple of days. All of a sudden out of nowhere, a plan is dropping into place.

FTWWt SWYAAz3Yf 225x300 - Diary : Messtival and Filming with Roxy-Fox and AraneaeNOW FOR GETTING A DUNGEON

The next step is booking a place. Peacock Parlour was my first choice to book but it wasn’t available.  And one by one each dungeon I looked at was booked at the time we needed.  Shit.

Making a tweet for suggestions, someone suggested Murder Mile Studio.  This is somewhere I wanted to go to one day and they happen to be available and everything one by one slots into place.

Fuck.  That was stressful. But, there’s at least a plan.


I meet Roxy at the train station and we travel together, using the train journey for a long overdue catch up and to discuss a couple of ideas.

The train is slightly late in (eek) but actually we have time to dump the bags at the hotel and make our way to Messtival just in time for the doors opening.

There is a bit of a headfuck, mind, walking into a Theatre which is showing films and seeing your face on the giant screen.

I think there’s probably too many people who we see and catch up with through the day to list them all.  It is wonderful to see so many old friends (some after so long) and of course to enjoy some of the films and the awards.

FTdzMefX0AAanVe 180x300 - Diary : Messtival and Filming with Roxy-Fox and AraneaeAND THE WINNER IS…

I didn’t win in my category but that’s OK. Maybe it’ll inspire me to make more to flood many categories next time ;).   I was happy to see Mistress Leena pick up two wins and a runner up award though.  Along with some other friends and people-I-like getting recognition.

After the awards we stay for the show by Ginger Johnson. This is a performance art of her story and journey from working restaurants into splosh (the two not quite as obviously linked as you’d think). We then head off to be sociable into the evening (in an Arsenal supporting pub where the fans are very happy at finishing 5th. As you do) before heading back to the hotel.

I joke as a slight perk to hanging around with me is that foot rubs are included – but, hey, y’know. Some consensual foot play with Roxy before night is very nice. Although we did take a picture for social media, it was nice to not have to worry about cameras, angles or acting one way or another and just losing ourselves in the massage and worship, before it’s time for sleep.


The next morning it’s not even 9am and I’m being jabbed, having things up my bum and covering things in piss…. yes, it’s time for STI screening – folks, take your sexual health seriously especially if you’re a slut like me.
Actually, I joke, while a lot of what I do is low risk it is not zero risk and more and more people are asking for proof of certs for even fetish filming. As the nurse said to me “anything goes anywhere near your anus and we take no chances”. Even if you’re just doing pegging and occasionally being allowed release, getting tested is quick and painless.

1V9A4687 300x200 - Diary : Messtival and Filming with Roxy-Fox and AraneaeTO MURDER MILES…

It’s, like, smaller than I expect but also quite large.  Does that make sense?  There are a lot of sets, and a lot of equipment. Some of this does open up a few new ideas for the ideas list (some of which do not happen – but that’s OK) and there is a lot of photos and filming.

I start with some boot worship with Roxy (who gets quite a shot with some spit!) and just as we’re finishing that up Araneae arrives and is quickly ready for a rather intense facesitting scene – I literally am seeing stars by the end.

I had been previously been private chatting with Lady Valeska who said I simply must do something with the rotating table… yep, it’s a St Andrew’s cross – which spins…. so we did a rather creative spitting clip.

After that there is some double ball busting for a perverted King – there is a funny back story.  Earlier that day Roxy had never kicked anyone in the balls, so I invited her to in the hotel, she very nervously gave me a flick with their trainers (not wanting to do serious damage) and I said this would all be fine – and now here they are kicking away in Doc Martin boots…! Ha!

To finish off we celebrate me getting text messages to say all my Dean St results are clear (how fucking quick?!) with a rather humiliating but creative way for me to cum…


An adventurous couple of days compressed into this fast paced blog.  Buuut – what a ride!