As you may have seen, this week off the cuff I decided to create a survey about consent and abuse of.

A link to the survey is here.

I wanted to use this blog in order to.
– Clarify what I want from the survey
– Go through Data Protection
– Apologise for some shortfalls.


There are no right or wrong answers – I just want your answers.
Whilst I have my own ideas and experiences I also have a concern that my perceptions could be skewed from a bubble.

I’ve had nearly 100 responses thus far, the more responses the better the quality of my data.

I am hoping for around 200-500 responses. Although I could write a blog on my findings as things stand, improving the data and getting in more opinions from those who choose to complete the last question is beneficial.


The survey takes no personal data. I deliberately even stayed away from questions that could lead to me being able to easily identify responses.
The collated information will be used in a future blog looking and analysing the information for statistics and trends.
Any comments left in the last box may be used (unless you clearly mark that you wish them not to be) however I may requote or paraphrase, retaining the context, particularly if I think you could be identified by your comment.

The data will only be used for the purpose of the analysis blog.


I wanted to keep the survey short, so this is a quick 5 minute survey rather than a multiple page survey.
Some shortfalls are, or were, deliberate. Some which I regret – but – I think this is always going to be a risk.
If any question you feel has no answer that matches yours (some questions are optional) then please make a note in the last box.

Please also feel free to write anything else you deem relevant.

One big shortfall is this follows an assumption of activity within your local scene or community. If you are not active then some answers would work on your perceptions of.

I appreciate there are a lot of people who partake in BDSM but have zero interest in munches/clubs/events so this might not quite be for you… but even if there’s a chance you might one day go to a club, there’s a couple of questions might fit.

So, apologies if this doesn’t quite fit for you.

Anyway, that link again – I promise it’ll only take 5 minutes : clicky