“OK, then,” She replied, “I will give you a trial”

He could hardly believe his luck as he began to read the email response.

“Many of My terms are non-negotionable, You will report to My dungeon at 7pm tomorrow to begin your training”

Secretly, Mistress Yvone was having reservations.

After one of Her loyal, long-term, slaves had stepped down She decided to open the door for applications for a new personal slave.

Most of the applications were utter rubbish. Be it people from 2 continents away, or those already trying to top from the bottom or put down what THEY want.

Michael, or sub m as he was now to be referred, had been – well…

None of the applications were particularly outstanding, sub m had seemed to be somewhat of an admirer. Mind, there were no evidence he’d bought any of Her clips, nor booked a session, but if nothing else She had thought She could use him to prove a point.

He’d done the hallowed “I want a Mistress to show me the way”
So, She was going to show him a way…
He’d also listed his interests as “Whatever Mistress wants” – which… well… She would ask of him what She wanted.

sub m was, well, he was very excited. I mean, this was the eigth time he’d sent someone an application (he hadn’t a session with any of the other 7 either) so he had been going to give up. I mean, he’d threatened to give up twice previously, but he kept doing the same thing and expecting different results – and – hey, it worked.

He updated his Fetlife profile to “slave to Mistress Yvonne”, then wondered if that was correct, so changed it to “under consideration by Mistress Yvonne” and then back again.

Obviously his wall filled with other people congratulating him, be it other guys pleased one of them finally found something, or one of the women relieved he would now leave them alone.

The next evening, sub m decided that he would be early to give a good impression.
6.45pm he rang the dungeon doorbell.

No answer, so he tried again.
And again.

Mistress Yvonne opened the door as he was ringing for the 5th time.

“Hello Miss-” he started, She interupted him and pulled him in.

“What time is it?” She asked.
“It’s almost 7pm, Mistress”
“Quarter to 7 is not ‘almost 7’,” She hissed.
He was confused, thinking She would be happy he was eager.
“Go away,” She said, “Come back at 7.”
“I’ll wait on the wall” he ushered to outside.
“No you won’t. You will go away, away from the premises and come back at 7! In fact, make it 5 past”

He left, confused and a bit upset. As instructed he walked away from the premises.

He hadn’t had time to take Her in properly, he reflected a little bit – but remembered apart from not liking She was angry, that She was in a striking PVC dress.
Maybe he will get his first punishment. That almost picked him up a little bit. The thought of that did let him shake things off a bit for the next 20 minutes.

He rang promptly at 5 past 7 and the door was answered a bit more promptly.
He smiled instead of uttering a word and She gestured him in silently.

Gone was the shiny PVC and She was in a more casual jeans and t-shirt get up. He still was a bit confused as what had happened.

“About before…” he started.
She stopped him, “It wasn’t a good impression. One of the first instructions I gave you, you got wrong.”
“I wanted to make a good impression”
“What, by ignoring what I’d asked you to do?”
“Sorry, Mistress”
“I don’t have to explain myself, but I will, I was with the guy from my last session. I asked for you to come at 7pm to give me time to give him aftercare, to have a chat and to get changed ready for you coming. You interupted his aftercare”
“Oh, sorry.”
“Anyway. It’s done. Don’t do it again. Follow… my… instructions”
“Yes, Mistress”
“Oh – and you’re not My slave. I wouldn’t even say you’re under consideration yet. So please remove me from your Fetlife relationships until I say otherwise”
“…and stop saying sorry!”

There was silence.

“Anyway. I’ve had a couple of sessions today. So. You can clean the equipment used”
She pointed to a couple of pieces of furniture, “These need wiped down” and She pointed to a small box of toys, “Everything in there needs disinfecting and putting away”

“Is this my punishment, Mistress”
She laughed, “No. This is the first day of your training. You are going to help me after my session. I will keep you right”

He started to take his clothes off.
“What are you doing, boy?”
“I thought You would want me naked”
“Oh, god no – I’ve seen enough naked men today.”
“Do You need me in uniform?”
“If you’re thinking about prancing about in a sissy outfit, book a sissy session, please – your ordinary clothes will do fine. I’ll pass you an apron if there’s any risk of stuff on your clothes”

So, under guidance and supervision, sub m started cleaning the equipment he was told to.
He had been expecting to be told off for some non-existant “missed a bit” but this didn’t happen.

After the last flogger had been cleaned he awaited what was next.
“I’ve just checked the bathroom, My last session was a bit woozy so if you could clean the shower and toilet for Me – we’ll be done.”

sub m went through and did as instructed. Testing to see what would happen, he left a small mark on the shower.

Upon the inspection, Mistress Yvonne spotted this and merely pointed, “You’ve missed a bit – you will have to do that again.”

As he was wiping, She said, “I do hope that wasn’t deliberate or W/we won’t work”

After cleaning, She smiled. He was waiting for a punishment for his earlier misdemeanours, or a reward.
“Thank you,” She simply said, “I will show you out”
“What next, Mistress?”
“You will come tomorrow… 7.30pm… and remove your fetlife update tonight”

He did so as instructed, although nobody taunted him, he did feel in it’s removal that people were laughing at his break up, even though it wasn’t one.

He was a bit disappointed to only clean, but felt that if he did a good job the next day then something might happen.

It didn’t.

At the end of each meeting, She would tell him when next to come round. Usually a certain amount of time after Her last session.

He would clean toys, wipe down equipment, keep the bathroom clean, fold up rope.
Some days were not very pleasant if there were things like fleshlights to clean, but he mostly found this unfullfilling.

On the 6th meeting, whilst cleaning, he asked about rewards and punishments.

“At this point of your training, I have just one punishment,” She said, “Can you guess what it is?”
He started guessing punishments, canings, whippings, anything horrible he could think of.
“No, it’s worse than any of those” She said
“What is it, Mistress?”
“Well, when I show you out… I simply don’t give you a date or time to come back. My only punishment is to dismiss you”
He gulped. That was possibly worse.

“As for rewards. You applied to serve Me, you are serving Me. Is that not reward in itself?”
“Well… umm?”
“This isn’t what you had in mind, is it?”
“I don’t know, Miss”
“You thought you would be serving me by doing your fetishes, maybe. Or being seen with me at parties and events”
“See, right now – I don’t need someone I’ve only just met to do these things. I need someone to help me clean at the end of the night. And, granted, there’ll be other tasks”
“OK…” there as a noted absence at the end of the sentence.
“OK, what?”
“OK, Mistress”
“That’s better.”
He got on with cleaning.
“It’s just…”
“It’s just what?”
“I’ve given up almost every night in the past week or so. I was hoping to do more than cleaning, Mistress”

“I have a few slaves,” She explained, “Rewards and privileges are earned by doing a good job over a period of time. But, one of the secrets to earning a reward is to not expect one”
sub m was evidently confused by the logic. So Mistress Yvonne continued, “You’ve worked for me for 6 nights now. Each night I have to leave a gap between My last session and you arriving. If you weren’t arriving, I could do the cleaning myself and do it quicker, better and be back home sooner. So, Me having you clean is taking up My time.”
sub m carried on cleaning.

“So, your fetishes, your kinks. If you wanted to do them with Me, or any other Mistress, you could book a session. Instead you applied to be my slave, thinking that would be the same, but cheaper.”
“It’s not like that, Mistress.”
“No, then you will be happy cleaning until I find another purpose for you. You said in your application you wanted to serve, cleaning for Me is serving. It is a very important job.”
“I guess, Mistress.”
“You guess? How would you feel if you came for a session in a dirty or unhygenic dungeon. Of course, I’m willing to bet you’ve not been for a session”
“I understand, Mistress”

“So, it’s usually bad to talk about other Mistresses, but who have you sessioned with in the past.”
“No one, Mistress”
“I thought so much. But I bet I’m not the first that you have asked to serve?”
“No, Mistress”
“Yep. So, you wanted a quick and easy route without actually knowing what it could involve?”
“It’s not like that, Mistress”
“You said that earlier… and I still don’t believe you. But… moving on. What were you expecting as a reward for cleaning?”
“I don’t know, Mistress”
“I think you do know, but are afraid to answer… I’ve seen the pictures and videos you write ‘I wish that was me’ on”

He didn’t answer, just gulped and continued the task.
“My last session today, well, it ended on the bench you’re cleaning now. The guy was a foot fetishist, I did the whole session barefoot, but didn’t let him near My feet. He offered, of course, but to taunt him I told him the last guy in my previous session had given Me the best foot rub I’d ever had and anything less than that so soon would be disappointing.
But, W/we did a little bit flogging. A bit tease and denial. I then strapped his cock and balls with electrics and fucked him over this bench with a strap on.
There was cum… everywhere… does some of that sound like a good reward for your cleaning?”

His face lit up, “Something like that would be wonderful.”
“Well,” She said, “My sessions are £180 an hour. A cleaner coming in to clean my space would be £15 a night.
But… based on the £15 a night. You’ve still only earned £90 worth. Do you think your work is as good as a professional cleaner”
“Probably not, no, Mistress”
“No. Continue anyway. This talk is slowing you down. We’ll resume at the end of the evening”

The evening continued with the normal routine of tasks.

Each inspection passed with an approving nod.

As usual, the bathroom was the last room cleaned.

It was time for goodnight.

“So, umm, what next Mistress”
“If I’m honest… I’m getting tired of being stuck back in the dungeon so late supervising you cleaning… it’s also clear that you are not enjoying serving me. Despite putting ‘whatever Mistress wants’ on your application. Go away for at least a week.
I will re-open my application, you may re-apply, but if you cannot clearly state what you can offer and what you expect, I’ll just have you use your cleaning skills forever.
If you’re not sure what you can offer. How about actually booking a session or buying some of My clips to get to know me first….”

Lessons and Conclusion

*For the avoidance of doubt, this is a fiction story – any similarities between Mistress Yvonne and sub m are purely coincidental (although, sub m could represent potentially thousands of guys on the internet)

A lesson on this… what you think you want might not be what you want.  sub m was trying to fast track to where he wanted to be (an owned slave) without any idea that this was more than just playtime.  (Of course, every D/s relationship is different – but it’s always going to be more than playing to the subs fetishes, even if they may be involved to some degree)

I did also take an opportunity to bring up that hallowed “can I clean Your house, Mistress” idea – and I have seen or heard subs try to barter on it!  “I clean Your house for 5 hours, You give me 3 hours play” – but mathematically this makes no sense!  Possibly £400-£600 worth of play for £65 worth of work!  Aaand… they need to be supervised to make sure they’re actually doing a good job!

In reality… I doubt any Mistress would have wasted Her time on this exercise, because like I say, it’s more time effective doing things yourself than taking someone unsuitable to prove a point.  But, then, this is fiction.

I’m probably not going to do a follow up.  But, from what I’ve seen of guys on the Internet, sub m will probably just message more Mistresses asking to be their slave, but put cleaning as a hard limit.

The cycle continues.  Don’t be that guy.

For more info on the risks of trying to take short cuts, try this post.