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July 2017

Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

I mentioned in my blog last time that no two filming days are the same, so yet again it’s always good for a new experience.

Whilst there was a worrying doubt that the shoot today might not be able to take place, due to the camerawomen being unavailable, a little improvisation turns this into something I think W/we are glad W/we did. I’m most certainly thrilled it could go ahead.

Let’s rewind a bit.

So you want to be a film slave

A few months ago I wrote a blog about filming to mark a year of it (read that here), I’ll probably do a direct follow up next year to mark two years of it – but in the meantime…
It did spark a few “Oh, I’d love to get into it” kind of posts and comments. So, here’s an ‘advice’ post.
And then I didn’t.

My Wife and Our Relationship

One idea I toyed with was doing blogs about my favourite Mistresses and why they are so wonderful.
I might do that, one day.   But regardless, I think it’d be more apt to do one about the most special Lady in my life, my wife.
I am going to talk a little about our relationship, our dynamic and I don’t know. It might help others understand, or, it might help others talk with their partners, or if nothing else I get to talk about a passion of mine and our relationship.

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