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ms aleera

Mistress Profiles : Ms Aleera

Ms Aleera.
Based near London, She is the Queen of the Wolves.

She has worked with many great people – as part of Domina Parties but also through events like the Domme Retreats. She also has her own wolf pack.

Diary : More Filming with Ms Aleera

It’s been 6 weeks since the last filming day with Ms Aleera.

(Well, it had been at the time I wrote this 😉 )

It’s nice in the sense that it’s not too long, but still as a slight gap of wondering if things can be just picked up where they were left.

The link to the last blog is here if you missed it, but for a tl;dr we had a great fun time with a kind of ‘silly slave’ predicament theme. I think we play on that a little looser this time, but, I dunno…

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