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January 2018

Slave Training Trial (fiction)

“OK, then,” She replied, “I will give you a trial”

He could hardly believe his luck as he began to read the email response.

“Many of My terms are non-negotionable, You will report to My dungeon at 7pm tomorrow to begin your training”

A more personal take on getting out what you put in

Having scrapped my planned blog for this week (honestly, it needed nuking – my good points in there will be mopped up on a future blog.) I had an inspiration for some writing earlier – and this is probably going to be one of the more personal blogs I’ve written in a while.
It’s not quite as personal as I first thought but, certainly, a slice of my thoughts right now.
To work properly, this is going to be one take – so apologies if there’s a few more errors than normal.
I don’t confess this often, but it should be no secret.
I really love the kink/fetish/BDSM scene.

Back to Basics : Munches

The other day, I had a bit of a realisation. A lot of the beginners/newbies information was pretty much in abundance when I joined the kink scene, but is slowly getting lost amongst the noise.

So. I’m starting a series of ‘Back to Basics’ blog posts which are largely aimed at newcomers.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be covering assorted topics to add to the resource pool.

As always.
I’m writing based on my own experiences and largely weighted on my own opinions.

One of my opinions is to consider multiple sources for your information.

Now, also, there isn’t really one right way to do anything, but certainly lots of wrong ways.

My first topic…

A blog about my blog

Whilst ideas and inspirations for new blogs are brewing, including a couple of drafts already written, I wanted to reflect on why I do this blog in the first place.

Whilst it’s certainly evolved from the early days, some of the core reasons for doing this have to go into every post, else I feel I’m doing it wrong.

Initially, I started just with ad hoc writings on Fetlife.

Usually unplanned, knee jerk, reflecting on how I either felt at the time, or in response of something happening.

In ways. These are probably some of my best. In ways.

Those whose New Year Resolution is “Explore my Kinky Side”

We’re barely into January and there’s already the rumbling of those who maybe made their New Years Resolution “Explore my kink side”.

I kinda get the “New Year” thing. That perhaps there’s something in your life you’ve been putting off doing, for whatever reason, so the turn of the calendar year can be a prompt to do it.

Or of course, it’s easier to think in targets against a calendar year.

I also know newcomers come in all different shapes and sizes – be it people with experience coming back… couples looking to enhance their relationship… those looking for a relationship… those seeking to explore fantasies… so forth.

Some of this is all great stuff.

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