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Sometimes, for whatever reason, clips do not sell.

Even some of the most successful producers and creators have had some that did not shift (or did, but massively underperformed).

It’s not a sign of failure, or that the clips were bad (because someone would have to have bought the clip to think it was bad!) but there could be many factors.

Twitter Concerns : You’d Be Foolish to not look at alternatives

When the news first broke of Elon Musk’s planned takeover of Twitter I had concerns.

My concerns were simple.  A lot of change can be bad.  Tumblr had always been quite happy with adult content, and then following a takeover – it was quickly banned.

But also, this is a person who gave no reassurances to the adult industry (or pretty much any other industry!) that they would have nothing to worry about.
Instead, a lot of talk around reinstating “free speech”.

I can understand the want for optimism.  But, I’ve felt a lot of concerns have been waived away, and I don’t want things to end in panic if the platform is suddenly lost.

Are you a vampire sub?

I’d been talking to a friend the other day.  She has been dating and looking for a kinky partner.   Although she is a switch, though it is not important to her that a partner would satisfy this.

She recently met a guy she really liked. Turned out he was into sissy play, which was not a dealbreaker for her.   But they didn’t last very long.

The problem was that she found him exhausting.  That meetings and interactions with him left her feeling drained and tired.  That, of course, she was very happy to help him explore sissy play, but largely that’s all that conversations were.

What is a Simp? And is it a bad thing?

One term that gets bandied about a lot recently is ‘Simp’.
It’s one of those where the original meaning has been claimed into a fetish and also thrown around as an insult by those who’ve lost the meaning.

So, let’s dive.

What is a Simp?

How to Build a Sex Room : Review

I just finished ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ on Netflix and this is my review.

First off. Any form of positive representation of kink or sex is a good thing.
And most of it was a positive representation.

The Problem With Limits – They’re Not Exhaustive

One of my favourite stories about consent, limits, and communication sums up some of my general feelings about the problem with ‘limits’ sometimes.

The story goes.

A shibari specialist was offering play and doing demos involving a queue of volunteers.
If you are good at rope, there’s rarely a shortage of people wanting to try or play.

Some people just wanted to be tied and suspended. Some also wanted a little play. If you are suspended then any form of sensation play can be fun – wax play particularly.

New Adult Platforms – legitimate, misguided, or a scam?

This feels maybe like an article that should/could have been made 6 months ago, but some of the events of the past 6 months make this as valid as ever.

Most weeks (probably most days even) it feels like there’s a new adult platform, application, or service springing up from somewhere and – with advice sometimes being to diversify what platforms you are on, it is difficult to know where to sign up to. So, I come with some advice and warnings.

Kinky People (to the tune of ‘Common People’)

He came online and had a raging boner
he bothered women like a stupid loner
That’s where She,
Got his mail

He said he he wanted to be her servant,
She said, “In that case I’ll have a tribute
He said why?
And in thirty seconds time he said,

I want to live like kinky people,
I want to do whatever kinky people do,
I want to sleep with kinky people,
I want to sleep with kinky people,
Like you.

Pineapple on Pizza : Not Wanting to do certain kinks doesn’t mean others shouldn’t

I was in a conference the other day and, for some bizarre reason, they closed by asking the presenters “does pineapple go on pizza?”

My thought on this was what a bizarre way to end the day – and none of the answers were pretty insightful.

But, this did inspire a thought about that question in general.

It is one that is often divisive. To the point people really will argue over fucking anything.

10 Pieces of Advice for (new) Subs

I often see (particularly) new subs who appear dejected at how difficult it is for them to find a Dominant/Mistress.

Particularly so if they feel they’re in a sea of scammers or people they’ve been talking to for a week who suddenly spring up about tribute. (Which is also likely to be a scam, as Pro’s may not have wasted their own time for a week.)

There’s a few quick advice I feel I often give to subs, which are summarised below.

What is a BDSM Mentor?

Something that you may see talked about in some circles is the concept of a Mentor.

For example, someone might recommend someone seeks a mentor, or someone might feel they would benefit from having one and seek one out.

Like a lot of things within kink, it’s something where there’s sometimes misunderstanding of the role.

The purpose of this blog is to look at what a mentor is, what a mentor isn’t and whether you even need one in the first place.

Booking a Session with a Pro Domme

There is rarely a bad time to make steps in booking a first session with any form of provider (while this may follow a bias of ‘Professional Dominant’ – the logic applies to anything from Pro Subs to Full Service to anything else) – however, at the point we’re at in the pandemic when things are opening back up, it might feel like a good time – particularly if you’d previously felt you’d missed out or are looking to start getting active in kink.

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